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"Wonderful to work with and highly effective."
"Terrific lawyer.  Gets my highest recommendation."

"I came to attorney Kathy Brown on the recommendation from the Washtenaw County Bar Association. Prior to that, I spoke with a couple of other attorneys who declined taking on my case.
My issue appeared to be unique in Michigan involving unexplored aspects of the law. Of all the lawyers I spoke to, Kathy Brown was interested in my case which involved her getting out of her comfort zone. This was something the other lawyers were unwilling to do.

In the months that followed as she developed my case, I got to see that she was diligent and supportive in assisting me through this whole process. I really appreciated her hard work and dedication about successfully resolving my issue. This case was not a routine legal matter and it required extensive research on her part. I was impressed about how persistent and thorough she was in her work. It took creativity and courage on her part to develop my case; a case that the court ultimately ruled in my favor.

Also, her extensive knowledge of local court system, its processes and personnel was very useful in helping her effectively argue my case. For myself, I found her to be genuinely warm and caring person who understood my predicament and sincerely wanted to help me. She supported me at every step of this process with care and integrity. I am grateful that I had an opportunity to have worked with her and would highly recommend her to others.


Former client.  Unsolicited review posted on  2014.

"Ms. Brown did a phenomenal job resolving my legal issue. I asked her for her help in an area outside of her usual region of legal practice. It was also a very unique issue involving a significant amount of red tape. I contacted three attorneys, inquiring for assistance and was turned down by all, but Ms. Brown. Where others did not want to bother with having to work with administration and sorting out records, Ms. Brown dove in and cut through the red tape. She was very thorough at researching the law and finding the right people to contact. She accomplished in a week what I had been trying to get through the system for a year.

For clarity, I was a former resident and driver in Michigan who had moved out of state. When I applied for my new state's license there was a paperwork error in my submission to end my Michigan driver’s license and I unknowingly ended up with two active drivers’ licenses. This became an issue for me once I received a driver’s responsibility fee in my new state. I ended up getting charged the responsibility fee in both Michigan and my new state because I had double driver’s licenses. I paid the fees in my new state and Ms. Brown was able to clear up the paperwork errors related to my former Michigan driver’s license.

Ms. Brown is very professional and pleasant to work with. She always kept me informed of what was going on. She is very thorough and followed up to verify the quality of her work. I highly recommend her services."


Former client.  Unsolicited review posted on 2014.


Client Testimonials


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