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Consumer Debts & Bankruptcy


Are bills piling up?  Are you facing garnishment of your wages, bank accounts or tax refunds due to your consumer debts? A motion for installment payments may help you spread out the payments over a longer period of time. A bankruptcy may  help you discharge some or all of your debts.  Contact me now.

Grandparents, Grandchild
Wills & Living Documents


What person(s) or groups do you want to inherit your property after you die? What if you become temporarily or permanently disabled and need somebody to manage your financial affairs? Do you have a plan in place for your minor children? What are your medical directives? I can help with these issues.  Contact me now to make decisions.

Gavel, Law Books
Misdemeanors & Juvenile Delinquency​​
Are you facing misdemeanor charges? Is your teenager involved in a delinquency case?  You need to know your options.  Don't delay.  Let me use my experience as a former assistant public defender to present your strongest case at trial or or seek a plea offer.  Or do you need help with an expungement, driver's license restoration or traffic ticket?  Contact me now.
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